Ombre Danzanti (Dancing Shadows) Guitar Quartet By Chris B. Jácome
  • Ombre Danzanti (Dancing Shadows) Guitar Quartet By Chris B. Jácome
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INCLUDES: FULL SCORE + PARTS (Notation & TAB) in Printable (.pdf) format.

In my experience, I have found that many students of the classical guitar have previous guitar experience and that many start out very unfamiliar with classical guitar repertoire. I wanted to create a "bridge" composition. A composition that would appeal to most guitarists and hopefully serve as a bridge to the profound world of classical guitar music and arrangements.

About the piece... Ombre Danzanti (Dancing Shadows) starts at midnight. As darkness completely engulfs the plaza you hear the cathedral bell strike one. The shadows start to emerge. Slowly at first but as they are convinced they won't be seen they show less timidity and allow the night and the music to take them wherever they wish. I imagine them getting carried away, going beyond their usual dancing madness to where they are enjoying themselves a little too much. They collapse with exhaustion. The recapitulation of the first melody signals their realization their night is coming to a close. With despair and melancholy they realize that their joy will never see the light of day. They decide to make the best of it and have one last dance, they know they won't have another chance, the days are long, the nights are short, and then, the dawn.

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