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Alegrías Escobilla (DEVPRO #31)
  • Alegrías Escobilla (DEVPRO #31)
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(Development Program #31 | January 2022) This is an ALEGRÍAS (Escobilla) "Starter Kit". You have everything you need to play an escobilla for a flamenco dancer with lots of variations and techniques. This will give you a FANTASTIC launch point to build the skills and techniques necessary to accompany this section of the Alegrías dance form.

This is a 24 page program featuring the Alegrías Escobilla with TONS of technique development as well as step-by-step videos for every single musical selection and topic.

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Intro to Seguirillas (DEVPRO #30)
  • Intro to Seguirillas (DEVPRO #30)
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Learn the fundamentals of Seguirillas compas and how to play foundational rhythms and falsetas in a step-by-step, linear curriculum with video tutorials for every musical example.

This is CBJ Flamenco Guitar Development Program #30 (Dec. 2021)

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