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(Transcribed in Standard Notation & TAB) This is the first falseta in the song "Tangos Alumnar" from my album FLAMENCO (appearing at the 0:11 mark). This song is a collection of falsetas I had created for my guitar students over the years and I thought it would be fun to put them altogether into a tune so they could hear the falsetas in context as a WHOLE. This falseta is very basic. Really easy timing and using the Pulgar and Indice (Thumb & Index) from the Right Hand. Use a rest stroke for your thumb and a free stroke for your index. The hard part of the falseta is in the last 3 out for the rhythmic syncopation here and work slowly to build up to the Marote Rasgueado that appears in the last measure.

Enjoy! And feel free to email me with any questions.

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