CUATRO - Live!

Jácome Flamenco

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CUATRO will not be "streamable" on any platform nor will you be able to purchase individual songs, the album or any part of it through any company such as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

When you purchase CUATRO you know you will be directly investing in Jácome Flamenco artistry!

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~About CUATRO:

Hear the intricate footwork, the powerful singing and intense guitar accompaniment with incredible clarity and richness!

CUATRO brings the excitement of a true flamenco performance!

Featuring Artists: Martín Gaxiola (Flamenco Dancer) Olivia Rojas (Flamenco Singer) Lena Jácome (Flamenco Dancer) Chris B. Jácome (Guitarist/Singer & Artistic Director)

Song List: 1. Alegrías (Dancer – Lena Jácome) 2. Fandangos de Huelva 3. Motivación 4. Seguirillas (Dancer – Martín Gaxiola) 5. Soleares (Dancer – Lena Jácome) 6. Tangos 7. Sevillanas 8. Bulerías (Guitar Solo) 9. Alegrías (Dancer – Martín Gaxiola)

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