In Other's Words:

         Chris Burton Jacome has been my Flamenco guitar instructor for 2 years. While I have 30 years of experience with playing electric guitar and have had 2 other great teachers in that time, Chris is by far the best. The reasons are as follows: Chris has the knowledge and experience to fathom where I’m at in my studies and contour his lessons so that I get the most benefit from them.He was immediately able to grasp where I was technically and start me on training that efficiently got me moving in the right direction. His knowledge, training and interaction with Flamenco style makes him the legitimate choice for anyone choosing to embark on that journey. His knowledge and proficiency with guitar playing in all styles makes him the go-to guy for any other guitar problems that I have, including but not limited to Blues and Metal. Any time I have a theory question that I can’t answer I of course ask Chris and get the answer right away which to me shows a level of knowledge that is very rare. His methods of training require effort on the student’s part but the rewards are great and it’s been a very fulfilling endeavor for me. Having said all that, as a performer he’s the best I’ve ever seen. His performance is the reason I started taking Flamenco lessons. As long as I’m physically able to, I would like to continue lessons with Chris because this training is a once in a lifetime opportunity. You just don’t find teachers like this very often. And last but by no means least, Chris is a patient, detail-oriented teacher and just a great person whom I feel fortunate to know. -Mark L.

           I have found through Chris’ teachings a new love and much respect for the guitar. Chris is the best teacher I have ever had. The way he teaches is very easy to get and for a new player like me I found that to help me a lot. I like the way Chris would play a part of a song and then have me play the same part. Being able to hear the way he played always helped me understand the way the song should sound. I always thank Chris for showing me how to play the guitar and I love the musical interment he has helped me comprehend in a much deeper way. -Edward L.


          Over the last decade I have lived and worked as an actor, dancer and singer in London, New York and Los Angeles. During that time I have experienced gifted performers in all areas of artistic expertise on Broadway, Network Television and Independent Films. There are very few I’ve met that I would consider artistically and spiritually sound. Chris Burton Jácome is one of those exceptions. His skills as a teacher, musician, composer and person are nothing less than brilliant! Artistry wakes from his being! He is a team player and equal contributor in all aspects of his profession. There is no one I recommend more for musical expression and guidance along the path of creation more than Chris Burton Jácome!
Dustin L.


          I have been studying flamenco guitar for the past 7 years the 1st 3 on my own & getting nowhere & the past 4 with Chris & since then Chris has gotten me to the point where I can play for dancers & singers & I have performed many times on stages in front of live audiences of all sizes, I have even been given the opportunity to substitute for Chris on a few occasions at his request when he was unable to make a performance. not only is Chris great at teaching flamenco guitar but he has also taught me to sing & play at the same time.
          I consider myself a slow learner & by getting to know some of Chris's students I found that Chris's teaching style is unique in that he caters to the needs & limitations of the individual so as to make your progress steady comfortable & positive and as long as you practice what he gives & shows you, you will find yourself saying "I can't believe I just played that" rather than "I can't do this" believe me never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be singing & playing flamenco guitar in front of live audiences on stages at home or in other states & countries ,,,but I can & I do,
thanks Chris!

your friend, Ray G.


          If you are interested in learning Flamenco guitar, Chris Jacome is an outstanding instructor! His knowledge of the music and culture runs deep so he has a wealth of information and technique to pass along. Chris is also incredibly patient and makes his lessons a truly fun experience. Flamenco is an amazing art form, and learning it through Chris has been a real pleasure to say the least!
John P.