"If you are interested in a life long journey of flamenco, then you are in for a real treat studying with Chris. Likewise, if you are just starting your journey of learning guitar I’m confident that with a little work on your part you will achieve your goals with Chris as your instructor." -  Tony M.

Chris teaching an extended residency for the GCC Guitar Program.

Chris teaching an extended residency for the GCC Guitar Program.

Are you interested in learning Flamenco guitar?

Want to learn Music Theory specifically focused to improve your understanding and comprehension of the guitar?
Composition? Improvisation and/or Advanced Soloing Concepts?

I am currently enrolling students (Ages:10 +, Levels: Beginner-Professional) who want to study flamenco guitar.

I guarantee to you that this investment in your music education
will bring surprising rewards and benefits to your life.

**Classes available via ZOOM/SKYPE/FB Messenger**

My Teaching Philosophy: Learning guitar is a journey, not a destination, so every class needs to be fun or you’ll stop the journey. I will challenge you to keep you moving towards your goals but I strive to make your efforts fun and rewarding because playing guitar is a ton of fun. Whether you're a beginner or a professional you can count on our lessons bringing the right amount of
inspiration and challenge.

What are you waiting for?

Sign up today and move toward your dream of learning to play guitar!

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Student Quotes:

         Chris B. Jacome has been my Flamenco guitar instructor for 2 years. While I have 30 years of experience
with playing electric guitar and have had 2 other great teachers in that time,
Chris is by far the best. 
-Mark L.
           Chris is the best teacher I have ever had.
The way he teaches is very easy to get and for a new player like me
I found that to help me a lot.
-Edward L.
          There is no one I recommend more for musical expression and guidance
along the path of creation more than Chris B. Jácome! -
Dustin L.
         I consider myself a slow learner & by getting to know some of Chris's students I found that
Chris's teaching style is unique in that he caters to the needs & limitations of the individual so as to
make your progress steady comfortable & positive. Thanks Chris! 
- Ray G.
          If you are interested in learning Flamenco guitar, Chris Jácome is an outstanding instructor! - John P.

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